COSMIN Consulting Group is an advisory firm offering strategic consulting services practicing in the
    following areas:

  • Organizational Architecture
  • Industrial Organizational Psychology
  • Behavioral Psychology Analysis & Market Applications
  • Critical and Deductive Thinking
  • Interactive Media, Public Relations, & Marketing
  • Corporate Revitalization and Business Development
  • Tax, Accounting, and Cash Flow / Budgeting Services

    Our consultants thrive on the challenging and energizing assignments presented to us by our clients.  
    It is the reason why every day we enjoy our work and we look forward to deliver measurable results to
    our clients.

    Our solutions are structured to offer integrated products and services from various business sectors.
    As a result our consultants are able to creatively customize strategic enterprise development solutions.  
    Our comprehensive solution packages are calculated to effectively revitalize the organization leading to
    a successful navigation of the competitive business climate of the respective industry.

    As industrial and organizations specialists, our consultants embrace an active role, providing the guidance
    and support for the management, as well as, for the infrastructure of the organization.  Consequently, the
    company reaches a status of stability, sustainable growth, operational and financial performance.

    Since our foundation, we have been servicing organizations with an outstanding array of services and products
    on a domestic and international basis. Our  practice areas offer a variety of services and products enhancing the
    structure of your organization, developing strategic communications programs, public relations campaigns, and
    maintaining a corporate identity on a global market.
An Organizational Architecture and Industrial Organizational Psychology Consulting Firm
  • Our website is currently undergoing several changes.  New changes will reflect the direction of our
    improved services, products, and program innovations.

  • This section will include relevant news about our firm, projects, clients, and many more relevant
    information guided to facilitate the growth of your organization.
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